Kusatsu Onsen.EKINARIYA Japanese‐style hotel [Inn].The best loved Japan hot spring.



 EKINARIYA Japanese‐style hotel [Inn] in KUSATSU-ONSEN in Japan.KUSATSU-ONSEN is famous in the hot spring. EKINARIYA is in the hub of our kusatsu town. Establishment is about 1850 in the Christian era.It is an inn where the hot spring culture of Japan is felt. There are some kinds of the hot spring.The hot spring in the inn is [YUBATAKE] and [SHIRAHATA]. Both are flow-through Hot Spring.There is a chartered bath in all guest rooms.
 Supper and breakfast are Japanese foods.
 Please look at here of KUSATSU-ONSEN in detail.

 Bath, often at ryokan, where you can reserve time for private bathing.The hot spring in a chartered bath is [Kusatsu-onsen YUBATAKE].It is flow-through Hot Spring.It is in a place away from the guest room. However, the key is passed. It is a hot spring only for you.

 Please look at here about manners.

 A large public bath where 10-20 people can take bath at the same time.
 The hot spring in a chartered bath is [Kusatsu-onsen SHIRAHATA].It is flow-through Hot Spring.There is Public bath for ladies and Public bath for gentlemen.
 Kusatsu-onsen is best water volume in Japan (natural discharge).The total volume of more than 100 discharge points reaches over 32,000L/min.

A guest room is a Japanese-style room.
Where you can reserve time for private bathing.The number of guest rooms is 6.Guest room is air-conditioning and heating.There is also an air cleaner.There is also a humidifier in winter.

Please have dinner in the private room.

(a night including supper and breakfast. per capita)
Type of Room Number
of people
Weekday Saturday
Specific day
[type A] a 10-mat room
(a capacity of 2 passengers)
2 persons 24,350 JPY 26,550 JPY
[type B] a 12-mat room
(a capacity of 4 passengers)
2 persons 26,550 JPY 28,750 JPY
3 persons 24,350 JPY 26,550 JPY
4 people or more 22,150 JPY 24,350 JPY
Specific day [from Apr.28, to May.7][from Aug.13 to Aug.15][form Dec.29 to Jan.3]

Price including tax.

 There is no staff who can speak English.
Time of Check In
From 14 o'clock to 16 o'clock . Supper from 17 o'clock.
Please come by four o'clock PM.When four o'clock PM is passed, it automatically becomes a cancellation treatment. In that case, other hotels are not guided.
Time of Check Out
Until ten o'clock AM.Can not do extension.

* Reservation is necessary for a stay beforehand.
* You can't stay overnight by yourself.
* The stay can't be made a pet together.
* A travel agency isn't being treated.
* EKINARIYA is a three-story affair. Walkup.

 406 Kusatsu,Kusatsu-machi Agatsuma-gun Gunma 377-1711,Japan Telephone number,+81-279-88-2005

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